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Comp/Chem/Info on Mastodon

Follow all your favourite Cheminformaticians and Computational Chemists

You want to get in touch with Cheminformaticians and Computational Chemists from around the world on Mastodon? This page lists accounts from Cheminformaticians and Computational Chemists and relevant institutions and offers an easy method to follow multiple accounts at once. Just decide if you want to follow all or only some of the accounts listed below. You are provided with a .csv-file, which you can upload in Mastodon in order to follow all accounts included. Here you can find a short instruction, on how to do this.

Futher information on how to be added or removed can be found at the bottom of this page.

Accounts by handle, name, and keywords (most recent first)

Full names are only included if they are shown in the profile or on explicit demand. You want to be on the list, too? Send me your details at @skepteis@skepteis.social.

If you want to be removed from the list, you can contact me in any way.